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Stain Drop

Stain Drop All Purpose XPH

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  • Prevents stains and scale without phosphates
  • Ideal for pool openings
  • Removes light stains and scale at prescribed dosages


  • Works in wide pH ranges
  • Great for off-season prevention
  • Highly chlorine tolerant


  • See downloadable instructions below for more complete details
  • Adjust chlorine / bromine below 3ppm
  • With pump running, add 1 Qt (32 oz) per 15,000 gallons of pool water. (Water may haze. This is normal, and a sign of product working) Run pump continuously for 48 hours
  • After 48 hours, resume typical start-up or opening instructions from your dealer
  • For pools with sand or DE filters, backwash according to manufacturer’s instructions and resume filtering.
  • For cartridge filters, remove, clean and replace the media according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Regardless of filter type, if pool water exceeds 300 ppm calcium hardness or has a heavy metal content, chemically clean filter media following treatment.

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