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Easy Care

EasyCare Scaletec Plus

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The EasyCare Scaletec Plus product is a multipurpose stain and scale remover, that targets and prevents calcium, iron, copper, manganese, and scum stains. The scale formations are pulled by the solution from the pool surfaces and redissolved into the pool water which is when it is filtered away. In addition to it removing scale from pool surfaces, it also cleans and protects salt cell generators to help maximize it's chlorine output.

  • Targets and removes many forms of scale buildups
  • Helps prevent future stains and scales from reforming
  • Cleans and protects salt cell generators


Scaletec Plus Treatment Chart
Pool Size in Gallons
Calcium/Scale Removal
Weekly Dosage
Fall - Spring Summer
10,000 gallons 8 - 32 ounces 16 - 64 ounces 24 - 10 ounces
20,000 gallons 16 - 48 ounces 24 - 98 ounces 48 - 15 ounces
25,000 gallons 24 - 64 ounces 40 - 128 ounces 60 - 20 ounces


Descaling with Scaletec Plus:

  1. Perform a "spot check" to determine if deposits is primarily calcium based - Pour a capful of pool acid or vinegar slowly over affected area. Active bubbling or foaming indicates newer calcium and scale and minimal reaction indicates harder, older scale. Scaletec Plus cannot remove this type of scale, mechanical cleaning is most likely required.
  2. Add Scaletec Plus according to chart. Increase dosage for summer cleanup.
  3. Waterline scale - raise and maintain water level above scale line during cleanup.
  4. Operate pool pump daily 8 - 12 hours for best results.
  5. DO NOT SHOCK POOL. Keep chlorine levels at 1 - 3 ppm during cleanup period.
  6. After cleanup period, lower water to normal level.
Iron and Metal Stain Removal and Prevention:

To remove iron and other stains, add Scaletec Plus directly to the pool water. Operate the pool pump's normal daily cycle. Minimize pool shocking. Brushing may aid in faster stain removal. Stain removal requires several days to one week or longer.

Scale Removal - Quick Start Guide:

  1. For chlorine pools: Lower chlorine level to 1 - 3 ppm.
  2. For salt pools: Turn off generator for 1 - 2 weeks.
  3. Add Scaletec plus - use treatment chart.
  4. Operate pool pump as normal. DO NOT SHOCK POOL.
  5. Allow 2 - 4 weeks for results. No wait, swim immediately.

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