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Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry Pro Series Phosphate Remover

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The Natural Chemistry Pro Series PhosREMOVE makes reducing phosphate levels easy. This product is a lanthanum based formulation, which effectively removes phosphates.

  • Reducing phosphate levels in swimming pools
  • Lanthanum based formula
  • Effectively and efficiently reduces pool problems


  1. Backwash/clean filter and maintain proper chemical levels.
  2. With the circulation system operating, slowly add product directly to skimmer, gutter, or surge tank.
  3. Vacuum if required.
  4. Backwash/clean filter as necessary (or within 48 hours).

Note: Apply in accordance with your state and local pool regulation. Removing high phosphate levels may temporarily cause pool water cloudiness/turbidity. For high phosphate removal it is recommended to divide the initial dose into at least three separate applications to reduce the possibility of turbid or cloudy water.

Retest phosphate levels after 48 hours (repeat as necessary).

Dosage Chart:
PPB 10,000 gal 20,000 gal 50,000 gal 100,000 gal 200,000 gal 300,000 gal
1,000 2 oz 4 oz 10 oz 20 oz 40 oz 60 oz
3,700 4 oz 8 oz 20 oz 40 oz 80 oz 120 oz
5,100 8 oz 16 oz 40 oz 80 oz 160 oz 240 oz

Maintenance Dose: Weekly add 1 oz of product per 6,000 gallons of pool water. Larger oversized cap = 4 oz.

Important: Algae must be treated prior to testing or treating phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5 ppm before testing phosphates.

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