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Easy Care

EasyCare Startup-Tec

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The EasyCare Startup-Tec product is a necessary pool start up treatment that will effectively prevent and remove calcium, metal staining, and it will also improve the overall water clarity consistency. This product will prevent mottling discoloration for all types of pool surfaces. When used at start up, this product will leave 90%-100% less plaster dust, and will require significantly less brushing when used correctly.

  • Prevents and removes calcium and metal staining
  • Powerful sequestrant agent that removes metals from the water
  • Improves water clarity and color


Note: Must add at initial filling. Use of higher dosage is recommended for higher hardness, well waters, and colored pigment finishes. Use higher winter dosages especially for color finishes.

Startup-Tec Treatment Chart
Pool Size in Gallons
White, Colored, Exposed Quartz, and Pebble Type Finishes
Winter Startup
10,000 gallons
32 -64 ounces
64 - 128 ounces
15,000 gallons
48 - 64 ounces
64 - 128 ounces
20,000 gallons
64 - 128 ounces
128 - 256 ounces


During Pool Filling:

  1. For best results , check for fill water low hardness. If hardness level is less than 150 ppm, add calcium hardness during pool filling prices to prevent surface damage and calcium discoloration.
  2. At the 300 to 500 gallon level, disperse "Startup dosage" uniformly throughout pool basin area.
  3. For color marmite finishes, add Startup-Tec dosage at minimum of 500 gallons - disperse into fill water uniformly.
  4. Add water using water can, PVC pipe or directly from bottle uniformly into basin area. Avoid splashing onto pool surfaces.
  5. Continue to fill pool without stopping the filling process.

After Pool is Filled:

  1. Inspect pool surfaces. Lightly brush surfaces to remove any remaining calcium/plaster dust. Brush-vac to remove calcium in the pool basin area - do not use roller type vacuum.
  2. If necessary, perform a light-hot startup to obtain full exposure on exposed quartz or color pigment finishes.
  3. For first few days, lightly brush all pool surfaces to remove any remaining calcium/plaster dust, dirt, and loose debris.
  4. Balance water chemistries to obtain proper pH, alkalinity, and hardness levels according to local needs.

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