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Easy Care

EasyCare Pooltec

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The EasyCare Pooltec product is a 3 in 1 liquid formula that is an algaecide, clarifier, and chlorine booster all in one. While it clears up your pool water, and makes chlorine six times more effective, it also actively kills and prevents green, yellow, and black algaes. Using this product is an important and easy year round pool maintenance treatment.

  • Algaecide, clarifier, and chlorine booster
  • Use all year long
  • Improves water quality, clarity, and swimmer comfort


Weekly Summer Maintenance:

  1. To start, add Pooltec "clean" dosage to balance pool water. This product must be used with a registered sanitizer.
  2. Thereafter, add "weekly maintenance" dosage - use higher dosage for algae prone or heavily used pools.

Algae Cleanup:

  1. To start, pools containing heavy algae growth should be cleaned of excess debris.
  2. Super-chlorinating pool water and adjusting water pH will help improve cleanup.
  3. To kill green or yellow (mustard) algae, add Pooltec "visible algae" dosage. Use higher dosage for heavier algae growths.
  4. It is important to brush algae clinging to surfaces.
  5. To kill black algae, add the maximum Pooltec "visible algae" dosage. Use a combo or wire brush. Frequently scrub growth for 7 - 10 days until eradicated. Use "weekly maintenance" dosage after the cleanup period. Broadcasting granular chlorine over affected area can further help penetrate and kill the growth.
  6. Increase pump circulation time during cleanup period.
Summer Treatment
Pool Size in Gallons
Initial Dosage
Weekly Dosage
Clean Visible Algae
10,000 gallons 8 - 16 ounces 24 - 32 ounces 4 - 8 ounces
20,000 gallons 16 - 32 ounces 48 - 64 ounces 8 - 16 ounces
25,000 gallons 24 - 40 ounces 60 - 80 ounces 12 - 24 ounces

Winter Maintenance:

  1. Pool water must be clean and free from visible algae growths. Pools with visible algae MUST follow summer cleanup instructions before closing the pool.
  2. Adjust pool water pH to between 7.2-7.8. Adjust pool alkalinity to proper levels.
  3. Close pool with normal chlorine residuals, Shocking pool water may be helpful or necessary.
  4. Add the correct Pooltec initial dosage under "Clean" or "Visible Algae" for your pool size.
  5. Cover pool if desired or follow uncovered pool instructions.

Covered Pools: Add "initial dosage" for your pool size.

Mesh Pools: Double the "initial dosage" for your pool size.

Uncovered Pools: Add "initial dosage" for your pool size. Thereafter, "maintenance dosage" every 60 days until spring.

Winter Treatment
Pool Size in Gallons Initial Dosage Maintenance Dosage Every 60 Days
Clean Visible Algae
10,000 gallons 24 ounces 40 ounces 24 ounces
20,000 gallons 48 ounces 80 ounces 32 ounces

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